How to stop snoring? Snoring remedies reviews!


On this blog, you will find answers for a very frequent question - how to stop snoring? I will describe here different techniques and anti-snoring remedies that i tried personally.

What is sleep apnea?


While snoring is something that “just” stops others from sleeping, sleep apnea - and its most common type called “obstructive sleep apnea” - can be really dangerous and can cause serious health issues.

In general, sleep apnea is characterized by “repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep, despite the effort to breathe, and is usually associated with a reduction in blood oxygen saturation”. This breathing disorders are caused by blocked upper airway and can last for few seconds up to few minutes. After this time, you will usually start to breath normally again.

Not just such pauses in breathing have big negative impact on your sleep quality, but if not treated properly, it can cause further health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and even hearth attack.

What causes snoring? Read below what doctors say

stop snoring

We all have met it somewhere. Snoring. The vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping - as defined in wikipedia. It can ruin peaceful family life quite easily. And you can say a hundred times to yourself: he (or she) is not doing this terrible sound that stops me from sleeping consciously…

And as statistics says, more then 70% of snoring people have so called “obstructive sleep apnea” - such people’s air flow is not sufficient and can even lead to heart diseases and these can be lethal. So one reason more why snoring should not be underestimated and needs to be cured.


Snoring causes



Here are the most common ones, according to sleep specialists:

  • wrong sleep position - sleeping directly on your back is the most common cause of snoring. Muscles of your throat will start to relax and block free air flow.
  • being overweight - if you have too much of fat around your neck, your throat will be blocked by it a bit and the probability of snoring is higher. But remember - of course you can snore even if you are thin!
  • alcohol and cigarets - drinking alcohol few hours before sleep can cause snoring as well, because alcohol and smoking will reduce natural tone of muscles in your throat.
  • blocked nasal passages - when your airways are blocked for whatever reason (due to a cold for example), the air flow speed will be higher and you start to snore.
  • age and sex - it is proven that man do snore more often then women. Also if you were not snoring as a teenager, there still quite high probability that this can change when you reach middle age.

Of course, usually there are more of these factors working together.